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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Subject:16,17,18 and all the rest
Time:3:06 pm.
I originally planned for these reviews to be my last but I doubt it will be.I don't intend to update much anymore as there hasn't been a whole lot I can say about recent releases.Also,the internet tires me.If I get the urge I may return here to endorse something fantastic but for now I don't plan to make this a habit.Below are the last few new releases that I've picked up all nice and summarized.Thanks for reading and hopefully listening.

Malady - s/t CD
Level-Plane records

This is the release all the City of Caterpillar and pg.99 fans waited so anxiously for.I can honestly say this is a good effort,but I can see how many people may have been dissapointed.It's not spectacular but they definately succeed and gaining a new sound.I like this because it doesn't fall into the recycled screamo formula and doesn't have too much reflection on the members' past bands.Malady have a relaxing indie rock vibe with an interesting melodic approach.Even though there isn't many tracks that stand out against others,it's a good listen straight through.
>choice tracks:

the Blood Brothers - Crimes CD
V2 records

I keep listening to the song 'crimes' about "junk island" and it reminds me of this cd.I was not at all impressed.This album basically fulfilled my predictions of them turning their style into pure twisted flowery sing-alongs.The whole cd reminds me of a really fucked up opera,there is hardly any fast pace to it or any harsh vocals anymore.Johnny's voice can be compared to that of a five year old now, more than ever.It seems they took the melodic parts from Denver Max and the Shame and wrote an entire album based on it.While I admit some of the song beats are addicting,so is most of what I hear on the hip-hop channel.This disapointed me,and I know a billion teenage girls disagree with me.
>choice tracks:
(for it's sheer addicting flowery qualities)Peacock Skeleton

Takaru - There Can Only be None CD
Alone Records

Not bad at all.A band that does not stand out a whole lot musically with all the other melodic/grind bands,but has much more to them than meets the...ear.There is a lot to like abotu Takaru's short energy-filled songs,just not a whole lot of originality to be commented on.The thing that sets them apart first from bands in that genre would be their lyrics:great messages involving social and world politics.It's good to know they have something to say in their short,energetic 1 minute songs.I recommend this and their live performances.punk rock.
>choice tracks
Split Decision
Have at it Hoss
I don't need no instructions to know how to rock

the Assistant/This Ship Will Sink/Takaru - 3 way split 12"
Red Tape records

Quality 1 sided record.All the bands have great songs,not one bad track in the lot.And some (Takaru like usual) have links to places you can find out more abut what the issue is they are talking about.Every song on this includes lyrics and an explanation.These are also in excellent packaging.I know the person who put these together had a lot of work cut out and came through quite well.Three cardboard sheets banded together with string and each sheets with a lyrics sheet glued to it.Also with handmade covers,a great homemade feel!You need to pick one of these up,you won't be sorry!
>choice tracks:
This Ship Will Sink - George Bush Could Fuck Up a Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich

Breather Resist - Charmer CD
Jade Tree records

This blew me away.I always loved Breather Resist for the heavy chaos and with their last 7" I should've expected something this amazing.Every song is unique and the album just sounds spectacular.The lyrics aren't especially impressive but they fit the sound and style I suppose.I've been able to listen to this straight through so many times.Finally a band that knows how to add to their sound without changing it into watered down shit.
>choice tracks:
As Far as Goodbyes Go
Midas In Reverse
Amphetamine Praise
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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

Time:3:52 pm.
the Great Redneck Hope - Behold the Fuck Thunder CD
Thinker Thought Records

If you don't already know about this band, you need to.Their technical grind madness is not to be missed.This is their follow-up to their amazing debut record:"'Splosion!".This CD is twice as chaotic and random as their first.However,not quite as impressive.I think this only because the first 5 songs blend together a little too well and sound like one long track.The creative riffs and impressive technical skill is still present though.As well as the hilairious song titles and interludes on the second half of the album: "Are you there God?please help me stop masturbating","Cheeseburger Karma 2004: A Jam Odyssesy".There are also a few added sounds here and there such as an accordion,some nintendo beeps,a tambourine,etc.The last song features one of their heavy closing breakdowns but not as spectacular as the last albums'.
This is a great CD for anyone who is a fan of tech-metal,grind,screamo,or whatever you want to call it.It's insane.It's hilarious.It's only 9 minutes and 22 seconds long with 2 more tracks than the last CD which was longer.I don't think it really outshines their first album but it definatly shows they are still dishing out the same great madness and have a creative edge to it.If you liked the Great Redneck Hope the first time you will still like them now.

choice tracks:
Are you there God?
Let's fall in love over AIM so we can fuck when we meet at the Cornerstone.
My other car is a centaur.
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Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

Time:8:31 pm.
Since By Man - A Love Hate Relationship CDep
Revelation Records

The genre-bending Since By Man does it again on their latest release.Upon listening to the first track I had to say I thought they had settled on going straight to the metalcore route, but I was proven wrong.Since By Man manages to mix old school,metalcore,rock and roll and even some electronics into their overall sound for this record.The first track isn't anything spectacular in itself,but not a bad listen.The second track has more of a dance vibe to it and ends with some calming,eerie electronics that are left to segue in to the beginning of the third track;"Goddamnit Baby This Is Soul".There's another heavier track with some melody and electronics mixed in.Also featured is one of those great breakdowns everyone loves,just in time to end the song.The last track,entitled "Who Would I Be Without My Middle Finger?",is more reminiscent of the Since By Man I'm more used to.This song slams down the rock and roll jams and dares you to refuse the need to dance.The bottle-smashing clip at the end is a nice touch, too.I'm not sure if they've really moved in a new direction,or are getting any better at what they do but I enjoyed this and I think it's not bad for an EP.
This is a very artistic band, in the visual sense, if you didn't already know.They artwork on the insert is spectacularly colorful and vivid.That definitely deserves some credit.I assume that this would make one sweet vinyl release,maybe a vibrant picture-disc.Alas, I haven't seen one.If you know anything about one,or have it, let me know.

recommended tracks:
What You Got Is Gold
Goddamnit Baby This Is Soul
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Sunday, September 12th, 2004

Time:2:40 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
The Microwave Says to the Pacemaker - 2x7" compilation
Slave Union Records

This is a double 7" compilation of songs from past and current screamo/punk/indie/grind bands.While most of the tracks are by bands that are still around or just up and coming,there are a few of the dead among them(If It Doesn't Kill You for example).You'd think these tracks might all blend together into a mess of noise but each band manages to produce a song that shines.On Side 1 of 7" number 1 it is clear when the track from The Death of Anna Karina ends and the beginning of Rats into Robots' song begins.Those two compliment eachother nicely.
On side 2 of 7" number 1 the mighty Kodan Armada throws down their ode to their friend Matt Davis who passed away.After that it subsides into If It Doesn't Kill you's song which at first sounds a little too mainstream emocore.The frightening shrieks of the vocalist make up for it though in a scary way.I'd never heard them before so I didn't know what to expect...
Side 3 of 7" number 2 gets into the more chaotic grind sounds.La Quiete and the Assailant each dish out 2 songs of fast technical madness.Shorter songs of course,but with plenty of punch.Side 4 of 7" number 2 features a heavy anti-internet song by Phoenix Bodies and the whole extravaganza ends with a rather weak song by Die,Emperor,Die.I've heard too much hype about them and it doesn't add up to me,their vocals are really whiny and the drums sounds awful.
In overall summary,this is a magnificent 7" compilation.The good aspects heavily outweigh the minor disapointments on these records.There should be a few copies of the second pressing still floating around with the bands and maybe a couple distros so get one while you have the chance!

Phoenix Bodies - Enlarge Your Penis
the Assailant - 68 Will Follow You
Kodan Armada - Short Walks Down Long Roads
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Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

Time:9:59 am.
The Minor Times - Making Enemies CD
Level Plane Records

I’ve gotta say I’m not too impressed with this.I never thought of the Minor Times as a spectacular band or anything but I’ve enjoyed them live and I enjoyed their first ep(Chris Chambers Never Misses).This full-length just seems lacking and in no way superior to their first effort.The first thing that sets me off is the vocals seem harsher.Lyrics like “Fuck me?No,Fuck you!” seem a little tasteless and far less inventive than the lyrics from Chris Chambers.The songs and the album itself is far too long,the lyrics (other than that first song) are alright but not quite the same,the vocals add too much of a metalcore effect on what was primarily a heavy noise-core band.Honestly,this doesn’t sound like something Level-Plane would release.When I first heard they signed on,it made sense.Now they don't quite fit.
My advice is listen to this before you buy it.It just gets a little redundant.Seeing as how I lost the copy of their ep,I’ll probably pick that up when they roll through here and reminisce about the old sound.

choice tracks:
Fuck for Money
the Narcissist at Rest
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Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Time:10:38 pm.
Kodan Armada - Collections CD #696/1000
magic Bullet Records

This excellent album is composed of various vinyl tracks that Kodan Armada has released through their existence.Naturally many of these vinyl songs have become OOP and hard to find. This is a nice gesture of them.The ONLY problem I have is that the CD itself is limited to 1000.Everyone should have the opportunity to own this.
This band lands firmly in what most people consider to be screamo.They've got that fast melodic sound overlayed by screamy colliding vocals. Looks like we've got another double-lead-vocal group on our hands again.Every song is pouring with raw emotion.This band is a conduit of unfiltered emotions.This is one of those bands that can produce beautifully melodic music but at the same time so disjointed by the crashing vocals.However, songs like 'Say Something' and 'Cops' allow some time for a sing-along.This CD comes in nice cardboard packaging and is made to look like a record.Cute.
The thing that sets this band directly apart from most screamo acts and many bands together is the fact that they want the meaning behind their songs to be fully understood.They clearly explain this in the insert while including the meaning behind each song instead of the lyrics.They further this approach by inserting live clips from their shows explaining a story or reason behind almost every song.All the songs are about important events dealing with life and day to day problems and such.It's all mostly broad-minded.No themes,just issues that deserve attention.The end of the record features some goofy recording of the band,fans,and friends messing around for the sake of fun and putting something on the CD.
This is a winner.Fans of City of Caterpillar,pg.99,I Robot,Textbook Traitors:this is for you.If you want something overflowing with emotion stemming from important issues and not just post-breakup angst:this is for you.
This music is prime.

choice tracks:
Bullshit Buffet
Say Something
Butterfly Effect
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Tuesday, August 24th, 2004

Time:10:29 pm.
Anodyne - Lifetime of Gray Skies CD
Level Plane Records

I had plenty of reasons to buy this record.Mainly because of all the hype they've been getting.Also because of my love for all Level-Plane releases and because I'll be seeing them in a few weeks.This is the type of stuff that should be right up my alley.This 3-piece brings a noticeable heaviness to the table, coming right out of NYC.I've always had the utmost respect for hardcore/indie/punk 3-piece bands,as I do for this one.The sad news is:I'm really not feeling this record.
I really don't see any reason to not like this.I like the Minor Times and Breather Resist and this is the same type of noise-core.Although to be fair,I can only stand those bands for so long.However, there just doesnt seem to be anything particularly gripping to me about this.
Anodyne has been rocking for a while apparently and they've put out quite a few releases in that time.Perhaps they just didn't put out a good album.I may have to research their past.I must be missing something.It's all here though:the heaviness,the out of control drumming and guitars destroying any notion of a pattern,the harsh vocals,and the innovative technicality on quite a few tracks.This band is heavy,talented,and anyone who likes the Minor Times or Breather Resist would probably enjoy them a whole lot.For me,maybe it's just one of those bands that will grow on me.Or perhaps my opinion will change after I see them live.

choice track:In the Desert Sound Precedes Sight
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Time:7:29 pm.
Mood: disappointed.
Liars - We Fenced Other Gardens With the Bones of Our Own 7"
Mute Records

I didn't really know what to expect when I bought this.I've always liked Liars, and while their recent efforts have left me unfulfilled, I thought this might be a step back in the right direction.I was wrong.
The title track turned out to be one of the songs from their latest full-length: "They Were Wrong, So We Drowned".The reason I didn't know this until I heard it was because I had listened to an advance copy of that CD from a friend.It didn't have track listings or a case.It's an odd sort of song that in the past I never would have thought Liars would produce.Composed of spooky stoner beats, it really DOES make you feel as if you're walking through the forest.That's just what the witch aficionados intended I suppose.
The tracks on the other side include a live cover of the Germ's "Sex Boy".I know nothing about the Germs and have heard none of their original material.I can guess they must be waaaaaaay before my time because the Screamers covered that same song somewhere between '77-'79.I'm not partial to either.They both sound entirely different.the last song is hardly considered anything interesting or new.It's just another eerie instrumental interlude.A disapointing one as it leads to nothing.
I just think the whole idea of producing this record should have been avoided.The only thing good about this release is the Sex Boy cover.Which isn't the best quality,and isn't the best song either.Avoid this even if (especially if) you are a die-hard Liars fan.
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Thursday, August 19th, 2004

Time:12:12 pm.
These Arms Are Snakes/Harkonen - Like a Virgin split CD/EP
Hydra Head Records

Now I had originally intended to buy this on vinyl.However,I had a mall gift certificate and ran into this unexpectedly in FYE.Upon noticing this album, I also noted that what was playing overhead sounded very much like a toned-down version of These Arms Are Snakes.I asked the guy at the counter what it was that we were listening to and sure enough, it was These Arms Are Snakes....in FYE.I don't know if anyones else has noticed this but lately FYE has stumbled upon the better forms of indie and hardcore(Some Girls,Sex Positions,the Faint,Combatwoundedveteran,Black Cross,etc...)
Now when you first listen to this,it certainly sounds like the same band throughout.In fact, this may be one of the most synonymous pairings of bands for a split effort I've ever heard.From what I can tell,These Arms Are Snakes trade off every other song with Harkonen.
Now if you like TAAS as I do you may enjoy this and you may not.This isn't their best work in my opinion but it's only 2 songs.Still they through down some good aggresive indie rock.As well as some lyrics fueled by sex and money.As for Harkonen, they are a band you keep wanting to compare to another besides TAAS but you can't quite seem to do it.They have some of the drive and sound of Mclusky.....and the lead vocalist can almost sound like Frank Black trying too hard at times.When it comes down to it though, Harkonen really sounds like a second rate These Arms Are Snakes.
The final track on this album(Touched for the Very First Time)is one of the better ones.Near as I can tell,it was done by both TAAS and Harkonen playing together.It's not the worst idea I've ever heard,it doesn't sound too bad either.It manages a nice flow.
This is an album that doesn't exactly thrill me but isn't too bad either.I've heard worse.It probably wasn't worth the FYE price I paid for it but if I had spotted it earlier in vinyl and bough that(presumably cheaper) I would have been more satisfied.

choice track:These Arms are Snakes - Payday Loans
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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004

Time:10:16 pm.
the Sawtooth Grin - Cuddlemonster CD
Dead by 1918 records

This is not for everyone.
I happen to enjoy this CD very much but it can be trying on the senses if exposed to it for too long.This is the kind of stuff your parents yell at you for listening to asking you if that sound is children being murdered.Then you,yourself,must stop and think about it...
Sawtooth Grin is fast,loud and deafening.Full of manic technical guitar work and precision drum lines.This speedy symphony of chaos is lead by the singer's piercing vocals.These are not merely screams,these vocals can only be described as shrieks.Some people find this to be amusing,I did at first,but then I became addicted somehow to this beautifully wretched cacophony.There are even some breakdowns fit snugly into the mess.They are impossible to point out at first but some are notable.
The cover art and layout of the CD is beautifully simple.Normally things like this don't grab me but the blues and browns were incredibly appealing for some reason.All of the lyrics are printed directly on the CD itself.I'm not sure whether to find that creative or annoying.It's not like this is really a band you can sing-along to anyways.The song-titles like "Please Shit All Over Me,I Love It" give away this band.You can assume a lot from that right there...but think positive.I happen to like that song a lot.

best song by far: Sometimes She Tastes Like Burnt Plastic Smells
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Wednesday, August 4th, 2004

Time:10:39 pm.
Mood: impressed.
A Day In Black and White/Black Castle split LP
Delian League Records

Now this is a fine piece indeed.I just received in the mail today and I am completely satisfied.ADIBAW throws down a live song and 2 other tracks while Black Castle plays out four new comedic songs.
A Day In Black and White have just recently jumped up on my radar as being not only a good new Level-Plane band,but some of the most refreshing musicians I've heard in a while.I've read many times that their influences "range from Converge to Godspeed You!Black Emporrer and do not dissapoint on either style".More or less...Well from the mp3s I heard I saw the Godspeed reference in the complex and drawn out melodic instrumentality.The first track(In the Grove) is purely instrumental.This record shows me finally how they can even be close to compared with Converge.The second and third tracks have a heavier sound and heavier vocals than what I've previously heard.Not Converge-ish but still,quite good.These songs are truly beautiful.
Up until now I had never heard or heard of Black Castle but the wonderful thing about split records is allowing you to indulge in your favorite band while discovering another band who share the same musical ideas.However,on this record this is not the case.The only similarities between ADIBAW and Black Castle would be the use of the word 'black' in their name.Black Castle are a furious punk/noise/grind band infusing keyboards into their chaos.This gives them a sound in the vein of AN Albatross or the Disease.They don't really lean more toward one or the other though.The lyrics are both controversial and humorous touching on the subjects of sex,religion,and record collectors...The song 'Matt Joyner Ruined Our Lives and We Ruined Your Record Collection' is pointed particularly at people like me who care too much about the rarity,color,status of the record as opposed to the content.Not quite me I suppose,I only buy rare records of the bands I enjoy.
I'm not too sure about the pressing info on this record (not as a collecting note,I just think you should really listen to this).I think it's an older recording,I know it's not on a CD.I haven't seen it in any distros so I can only assume it's OOP or rather hard to find.I guess if you check out the label you might figure it out.I found this on ebay,as usual,and it turns up there every few weeks so keep an eye out.

choice tracks:
A Day In Black and White - Part One (they are all EXCELLENT though)
Black Castle - Divine Intervention at the Baptist Convention
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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

Time:9:13 pm.
Breather Resist - The Second Half 7" on Clear vinyl #'d 784/1000
initial records

This is a wonderful piece of plastic.I've known about this band forever and finally got around to listening to them to find out they are quite good.Breather Resist is in one word: HEAVY.That sums them up nicely.At first listen I didn't care much for the title track.Especially the lyrics(break-up song stuff,but definately not emo/screamo).Now I'd have to say it's really grown on me.On the flip side I immediately liked "A Social Worker's Nightmare".But that may just be because I'm a sucker for good bass lines/solos.That one in particular....I enjoyed a lot for some reason.Maybe because it sounds better ot have an occasional constructed reprieve from the skull-pounding throttle that these boys dish out.All in all I was satisfied completely with this.
If you are a vinyl collector pick this up for sure.They are limited,but easier to find as this is a new recording.I also hear that there are better colors than the lame clear one I have.Pick one up before it becomes another quest for it on ebay.

choice track:A Social Worker's Nightmare
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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004

Time:9:34 pm.
The Disease - Dyslexic Experiments in Reverse Psychology CD
Alone Records

This must be said right away:this is NOT a band that just "sounds like the Locust".They are most certainly their own deal.This is nugrind/experimental/noise straight up.Not just screaming and keyboards.This 10 track cacophony encompases this band's existance from all previous recordings in no particular order.The material released from their split with Racebannon shows the grind side with the short keyboard oriented songs.Basically that's how I learned of them and it shows their only parallel to sounding like the Locust.Other tracks on this cd include some instrumental expermental stuff,earlier spazz-type songs and the most recent recordings are a little different.The most honest comparison would be some dance songs that sound like the Rise would have recorded wayyyyyyyyyyyy before they discovered their pop-sensibilities and simply trashed.Not that that's bad.It actually gives more variety to the record.
Pick this up if your into this type of thing.I enjoyed it.The split 7" with Racebannon may still be in print and at least is almost always up for grabs on ebay.Some of those and these tracks are floating along the internet.
'Bad Review In the New Heartattack' makes me laugh because i just started reading/writing for that mag.
listen to:
I Want a Moustache Damnit or These Needles Are Magnets
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Monday, June 28th, 2004

Time:6:00 pm.
well there's been a few views of this, which is good.however, ive been handed an opportunity to hit a much wider audience a little better than this.but ill still continue with this project as it allows me longer reviews and i can still review old out of print shit like this:

that,ladies and gentlemen,is a copy of Racebannon's Master Control Program.
it's one of the best things i've won on ebay.

Racebannon - Master Control Program 7"
the Great Vitamin Mystery records

This is reeeeeeeally old-school Racebannon.Not that i dont love their current more chaotic style of madness,i love hearing what they've developed form even more.These lost and out of print seven-inches are windows into their past.This particular one is some of the best old stuff they ever cranked out.Master Control Program has a great cover layout with colorful packaging and inserts.It even includes legible lyrics.If you happen to be a Racebannon fan you can see the differences immediately between First There was Emptiness and Satan's Kickin yr Dick In.With this record there are immediate differences between it and First There Was Emptiness.Its hard to believe they sounded this structured.These songs are full of catchy riffs and rhythms riding over Mike's insane vocals popping in and out.Also, these songs are much shorter which makes for a good,near conventional grind seven inch.Its doubtful you'll find any of these online,they never made it to taht type of format,but if you find anythings pre-In the Grips of Light look for this song:
Picasso the Plecostomus
better yet,just find this thing at all costs.

soon i will have a copy of Word as a Virus's new cd that i dont think im allowed to review in the mag because its advance,so the review will be here.
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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004

Time:11:34 am.
Black Eyes - Cough CD
Dischord Records

There's more to say about this CD than I'll be able to write.It's simply fantastic.It is more than apparent that Black Eyes has evolved greatly since their first full-length.The addition of horns,saxaphones,and a slew of other instruments takes their sound to a whole new level.It was enough to get my attention when I first heard about their contrasting dual vocals and 2 drummers, but this transcends all earlier work.
Black Eyes incorporated the use of many praphrases of prayers,folksongs,and other written excerpts.The music is often frantic and full of Daniel's erratic screamy vocals underlying Hugh's urgent storytelling.In other songs the vocal duties are reversed.In 'Holy of Holies' the trumpet mixed with Hugh's lyrics give the sense of an ethnic folksong coming on.Many compositions on this record begin this way,but often taper off into more familiar Black Eyes-style drum and bass rhythms that flow continue throughout the songs.A lot of it is just downright jazzy.
Despite the use of trumpets and other such instruments, there is much that seperates Black Eyes from other bands like The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower.Black Eyes vocals and bass lines automatically give them away.This isn't definately not a flaw.
If too much of a good thing is a bad thing, than stay away from this record.It is incredibly addicting, I can't count the number of times I've listened to it all the way through from when I bought it, only a few days ago.It will wake you up.It will make you want to dance.It will make you wonder why there aren't more bands like this.It will make you want to start your own band.
It will make you wonder what possessed them to disband shortly after releasing such an amazing album.
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Time:10:59 am.
Racebannon/Song of Zarathustra split 12" - Near and Far Volume 2
Level-Plane Records

This is my first review so it may not be my best but I have to start somewhere.So we have here an LP that's a little dated but packed with quality music from both bands.Racebannon begins their side of the record with some of their homemade chaotic noise giving off an eerie feeling for this long intro(Waltz of El Diablo part I).The non-noise tracks on here are tracks from Satan's Kickin yr Dick In, a story told in multiple parts about a transvestite who sells his soul to become a female pop star.That record is a little too strange and sick for my tastes but the featured tracks on this LP have some really addicting riffs.But if you're into Racebannon and into twisted little satanic stories about transvestites then you might as well pick up the full thing.
The Song of Zarathustra tracks on here are a little easier on the senses and have that classic Blood Brothers-ish sound to them.Although they feature keyboards as part of their basic Ensemble, they aren't that audible on these tracks.Much catchier than anything off of 'A View From High Tides' I think.Except 'Tame'.That's automatically the catchiest song I've heard from them and one of the best coversongs.
Overall this is a decent record.I'm not in favor of Racebannon's new approach but they definitely keep their infamous chaos consistent.Song Of Zarathustra definately shines on this one.
It was worth it.
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Monday, June 21st, 2004

Time:6:01 pm.
If you're reading this, you've either been referred here by me or by a near coincidence you found this journal through searching by interests.
If that is the case please read the info to eliminate any confusion.

At the present time, I am not reviewing anything.Very soon though, I will have reviews for a few demos,an LP,and a CD.

So please check back in the near future!
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